Bristol Locksmith Service


Are you locked out of your home or car? Lost your keys? Need new locks on your home or business? Call Bristol Locksmith Service anytime for all lock and key emergencies. Avoid scam companies that advertise $19 and up, or you will end up paying up to $400 for a simple lockout in Bristol. All legit locksmith companies will give you an exact quote for any locksmith service whether it's a lockout, commercial re-key, originate automotive keys, or new lock installation. We charge less than $100 to unlock your door any time of day, and we use the proper entry tools to access your property right away. Scam locksmith companies only hire handymen which have no knowledge of the locksmith industry. They can only drill out your existing locks and then go to the local hardware store and pick up a lock set for $8.00 and charge you $500+ for the service call, examine your lock, the sale of the lock, and then the installation. The bill will skyrocket and then they push you for cash so you won't dispute your credit card. These scam companies are all over the US and Canada so beware and ask for the total price for locksmith services. All locksmith companies should know what it cost to make a key, replace a lock, their service call, and lockouts. If not, hang up and call another local locksmith company that will give you the price up front.

Bristol Locksmith Service

So there is no damage to your lock or door, Bristol Locksmith Service have you inside in less than an hour from the time you call. Your own key will continue to work after we unlock your door.

Bristol Locksmith is one of the only locksmith companies in Bristol that will repair your your vintage locks or replace them with hardware that looks very close to your original. Don’t settle for a lock on your front door that you don't like, repair or replace the lock with something you like. we can fix it! That lock is likely to be 60-80 years old, and with our expert service, it may last another 80. We will fix the original latches, worn parts, and rekey locks to the original fitting. We maintain a wide variety of locks for new and older homes in Bristol. We want your business! Call us today and talk with one of our friendly locksmiths.